Scotland’s Climate Assembly publishes ‘Recommendations for Action’

Date: 3rd September 2021

Scotland's Climate Assembly logo.

Scotland’s Climate Assembly is made up of over 100 citizens from all walks of life tasked with examining expert evidence and agreeing recommendations for tackling the climate emergency in a fair and effective way. This report sets out 81 recommendations agreed by consensus, and calls for bold and urgent action now. As Scotland’s Climate Assembly members were aged 16+, the Assembly worked closely with Children’s Parliament to integrate their activity into the Assembly and ensure children’s voices are heard in decision-making. The children’s work was regularly fed back to Assembly members, which helped to shape the Assembly’s final recommendations.

The report calls for urgent change across society and includes actions for governments, businesses, communities and individuals. It includes goals and actions across the following topics:

  • Resources
  • Building quality
  • Retrofit homes
  • Standards and regulations
  • Public transport
  • Travel emissions
  • Carbon labelling
  • Education
  • Land use
  • Communities
  • Circular economy
  • Work and volunteering
  • Business
  • 20-minute communities
  • Taxation
  • Measuring success

To read the full Recommendations for Action by Scotland’s Climate Assembly, click here.