Licketyspit Storyplay Champion children - a children’s rights-based approach in practice!

Date: 17th September 2021
Category: Recreation, play and cultural activities

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Licketyspit Storyplay Champion Children are a great example of how able children are to claim their rights, hold their own and represent themselves. Storyplay is a programme that makes imaginary play an easy, wonderful and inclusive part of every day. After 18-months of Porridge & Play Online (an inter-generational imaginary play session for children under 12 and their families), these children own and understand Storyplay inside-out.

At Porridge & Play Say Hey! ten children devised and delivered a Porridge & Play Online session for ten new families for the Scottish Refugee Festival.

Storyplay Champion Children have also been using the Storyplay approach to Have Your Say Through Play as consultants for Scottish Government and to lead 80+ professionals in online Storyplay introduction for a GCVS UNCRC Implementation awareness session. On 29th September, Licketyspit’s film about Storyplay online during the pandemic will be released as part of Stories of Resilience.

Licketyspit is delighted to have recently been awarded New Scots Integration funding to establish two new Porridge & Play Hubs in Castlemilk and Glasgow's East End, adding momentum to the company’s Storyplay City ambitions!