School pupils achieve mental health first aid qualification

Date: 8th July 2021
Category: Mental health

teddy bear with his head bandaged and his arm in a sling, next to him are various medical bottles

Secondary school pupils in Bellshill are the first school pupils to complete both emergency first aid and mental health first aid training in Scotland. This training is part of the Ready for Life programme, a pilot programme taking place in five local authorities.  

The training was created by St Andrew’s First Aid, Scotland’s only dedicated first aid charity. The programme has been specifically designed to equip young people with the ability to spot signs of mental health issues in family and friends and enable them to reach out and provide vital support.

St Andrew’s First Aid estimates that by mid-September, more than 100 pupils will have completed the course. The charity hopes that the initiative will be rolled out nationally, helping to create a new generation of mental health first aiders. For more information about St. Andrew’s First Aid’s Ready for Life programme schools in Scotland can contact Jim Dorman on

Together would like to say congratulations to the pupils completing the training and to St. Andrew’s First Aid for the programme’s success!