Young people feel their mental health struggles are dismissed by adults

Date: 18th June 2021
Category: Mental health

scribbles inside an outline of a head

A survey of 1000 young people found that two thirds think young people are dismissed by adults when they try to speak about their mental health. The impact of this can be profound given 72% said they have struggled with their mental health.

The survey involved children and young people aged 16 to 24. More than half (51%) said they would not tell someone if they were having difficulties with how they were feeling. This research comes ahead of the relaunch of FeelsFM, the world’s first emoji-powered jukebox.

FeelsFM is designed to help young people express their feelings, use music as a positive coping strategy, and find new ways to talk about mental health stigma and discrimination. The web platform has been redesigned with a new layout, games, emojis and playlists – and new questions to help gain a better understanding of what needs to change, so when young people are struggling with their mental health, they no longer face stigma and discrimination.