Too expensive transport for many families

Date: 18th June 2021
Category: Child poverty


Anti-poverty campaigners are calling for action to make Scotland’s transport system more affordable. These calls come after a report found Scotland’s transport system is too often pushing parents, carers and children from low-income families further into poverty.

Public transport is essential for people living on low incomes as it enables access to employment and vital services such as childcare and education.

Following interviews and focus groups conducted by Poverty Alliance, research shows the cost of transport is too great for many – subsequently being prohibitive and causing social isolation. Parents who took part in the study said that the inability to afford transport resulted in a reduction on other household spending, which for some had resulted in food bank use.

Limited space on public transport for mobility aids, wheelchairs and prams also meant families with young children, children with health conditions or disabilities reported that they face frequent challenges which impact their rights.

Following this research, The Poverty Alliance coordinated an open letter to Scotland’s party leaders in the run up to the May election. This called on them to extend free bus travel to all under-25s as well as everyone on low incomes benefits.

The full report on the research is now available.

Read full report by The Poverty Alliance here.