Discover Scottish Childminding Association’s three-year strategy

Date: 28th May 2021
Category: Family Environment and Alternative Care

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The Strategy includes fifteen actions, covering: membership, policy, representation and influencing, workforce, learning and quality, children and families and value of childminding.

  • Membership – helping Scottish Childminding Association members to recover and sustain their businesses, ensuring membership support adapts to changing needs - providing them with what they need, when they need it and in the most appropriate form.
  • Policy, representation and influencing – continuing to provide a strong professional voice and using evidence and childminders’ experiences to influence and support national and local policy.
  • Workforce, learning and quality – reversing the declining trends within the childminding workforce, supporting ongoing skills development and learning at all career stages.
  • Children and families – further development of Scottish Childminding Association’s Community Childminding and other services to meet the increasing demand from families in need, increasing support for out of school care and developing childminding in areas where provision is low.
  • The value of childminding - changing outdated perceptions of childminding, increasing the value attached to it by parents, policymakers, other providers and the wider public to create more demand for childminding. 

The Scottish Childminding Association has developed a number of ways to learn more about its strategy, including:

Alternatively, the strategy document can be read here.