Take part in the International Care Experienced Day of Remembrance

Date: 8th April 2021
Category: Family Environment and Alternative Care

Image of a bridge with cherry blossom trees either side of it. Below the bridge reads 'Care experienced day of remembrance 2021'

 Take part in first ever International Care Experienced Day of Remembrance, on 30th April 2021 as part of Care Experienced History Month.

Honouring the legacy of Care Experienced people who have made an impact on societies across the world, you are invited to share the symbol of remembrance of Care Experienced people. Created by Care Experienced people, this symbol of a bridge represents a bridge from the past to present; a bridge to the people, a bridge to the future and bridging the divide in understanding of the history of Care Experienced people.

You are encouraged to share the symbol on social media and use the hashtags #CareExperiencedHistoryMonth and #CEHM2021.