New tool: Positive discipline and alternatives to corporal punishment of children

Date: 23rd April 2021
Category: UN Convention Against Torture (CAT), Equal protection from violence


Commissioned by the Convention Against Torture Initiative, Child Rights Connect has developed a new Implementation Tool Publication on ‘Positive Discipline and Alternatives to Corporal Punishment of Children.’ The tool aims to answer questions and guide States and other stakeholders on what positive discipline looks like, as well as helping them better understand and implement their international human rights obligations.

The new tool further aims to be helpful in implementing a range of Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 16.2.

In this tool you will find guidance on:

  • How to implement a positive discipline approach in educational and family settings.
  • The case and benefits of fully banning corporal punishment.
  • The roles different stakeholders can play during the development of a comprehensive policy to prohibit – in law and practice – corporal punishment.
  • Examples of good State policies, laws and practices that end corporal punishment and other forms of cruel or degrading punishments of children.
  • Explanations and examples of alternative practices to corporal punishment, and the methodologies on which they are based, which promote an educational rather than a punitive approach to disciplining children.

For more information on the Positive Discipline and Alternatives to Corporal Punishment tool, click here.