Together responds to Independent Human Rights Act Review

Date: 26th March 2021
Category: Other human rights treaties and mechanisms


Our response highlights that the Human Rights Act is a powerful and essential mechanism in upholding children’s human rights, and must be protected from any amendments which could diminish its effectiveness.

The ongoing Independent Review of the Human Rights Act 1998 was commissioned by the UK Government and launched in December 2020. The Review issued a call for evidence which ran between January and March 2021. The Review will now consider submissions before producing a final report and recommendations expected in summer 2021. The findings may result in changes to human rights provision across the UK.

Our response calls for all substantive and procedural protections in the Human Rights Act to be retained and for the Act to be protected from amendments which may weaken it. We also call on the UK Government to commit to progressing children’s human rights through strengthening the Human Rights Act in its current form and through incorporating the UNCRC into domestic law.

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