Call for input by the Special Rapporteur on sale and sexual exploitation of children

Date: 26th March 2021
Category: Children in situations of exploitation, Child trafficking

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Closing date: 10th May 2021

The Special Rapporteur is looking for inputs to help prepare her annual thematic report.

The Special Rapporteur’s report will focus on “[t]he gender dimension of the sale and sexual exploitation of children and the importance of integrating a human rights-based and a non-binary approach to combating and eradicating sale and sexual exploitation of children.”

The Special Rapporteur would like to have input from children, young people, academic, international and regional organisations and beyond. 

The thematic report will be presented to the General Assembly in October 2021. Written inputs should be a maximum of 3000 words in a Word format to, no later than 10 May 2021. 

For any further question or clarification, please contact the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights at