Children get creative expressing their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic

Date: 12th February 2021
Category: COVID-19


Over 500 children from Iceland, Norway, Slovenia and the UK have participated in the ‘Coronavirus and My Life’ project, sharing their thoughts and feelings in words and art

Findings include:

  • Children reflected mostly negative feelings about the pandemic, with English-speaking participants expressing more feelings of sadness, worry, and fear.
  • Children were highly conscious of the limitations on their freedom, with many missing the ability to exercise, pursue activities, go on special outings and meet up and play with friends.
  • Children expressed concern for family members.
  • The most reported negative aspect of the pandemic related to having fewer social connections, concerns over deaths and the spread of the virus, restrictions, and isolation.
  • By contrast, children expressed liking a range of aspects of the pandemic, such as being at home with their family, flexibility of learning at home and ability to go outside with family members.

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