Calls for clarity on Erasmus+ replacement

Date: 12th February 2021
Category: Education, including vocational education

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The Erasmus+ programme was not included in the recent Brexit trade deal. YouthLink Scotland CEO Tim Frew has written to the UK Government to express his concerns and raise queries about the proposed Turing programme.

In the letter, Tim Frew expresses his disappointment and concern that the UK Government’s replacement programme could see thousands of disadvantaged young people miss out on opportunities previously available under Erasmus+

The planned Turing programme does not include a wider youth strand, which he says is cause for concern. He

calls for clarification on a range of points, including:

  • The reasoning behind the exclusion of a youth strand.
  • Funding for the proposed
  • Plans to ensure young people from disadvantaged backgrounds will be able to access the programme.

Read the letter to UK Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Oliver Dowden here.