Get involved in the Year of Childhood 2021

Date: 13th January 2021
Category: Disability, Basic Health and Welfare, Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities

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The #YearOfChildhood is kicking off with a focus  on storytelling. Children’s Parliament is inviting children, young people and adults to help create a picture of what makes a happy childhood. Findings will inform the Year of Childhood programme.

Adults are invited to share their memories of childhood and are welcome to use the following questions as prompts:

  • What helped you flourish as a child?
  • What impact has your childhood had on your adult life?
  • Recognising that not all childhood memories are happy, what would you change to ensure children growing up today are happy, healthy, safe and live with dignity?

Children and young people are encouraged to share what makes them feel loved, cared for, understood and happy. They are also invited to share any messages they want adults to hear about the importance of childhood experiences.

Stories in no more than 500 words, photos, drawings, poems and other creative expressions can be submitted in the following ways:

  • By email:
  • By post: Children’s Parliament, Summerhall, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL
  • Online: via Children’s Parliament’s web form here

Please also include whether you would like your story kept private, and only used to inform the planning for the Year of Childhood, or if you are happy for it to be shared with others - for example on social media – either with your first name or anonymously. Stories will be read amongst the team with care, to pull out the key themes that have helped you thrive.

  • Find out more about the Year of Childhood here.