Opportunity to become a Modern Apprentice in Youth Work

Date: 9th December 2020
Category: Young carers


Hame is a visionary and innovative new young person-led organisation which will develop and manage new homes for care experienced young people in Dundee aged 16 and over. This Modern Apprentice role will provide advice and support for all aspects of this project development.

This is a 20 hours a week, fixed-term post based in Dundee. The successful Modern Apprentice will earn the Real Living Wage and will have the following responsibilities:

  • Working out the best way to make sure views of young people are involved in everything as the project develops, and making this happen
  • Talking to people who live in the area the building is in, and people whose jobs require them to get involved in the project,
  • Giving your views and deciding together with everyone involved in the project on how everything will work before our first tenants move in.
  • Thinking about the best way to tell others about the project and what it is like to live here.
  • Deciding how the website, apps and any social media will work, and designing these.
  • All team members will also train as peer mentors and will provide mentoring for others living here in the early days of the project until there are enough new trained mentors.

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