What’s gone right during the pandemic?

Date: 12th November 2020
Category: Inclusive education, Mental health, COVID-19

4. Violence against children.jpg

In this article, CRIN highlights positive responses to the crisis that have benefitted children and young people around the world. It invites readers to submit further examples for a follow-up report.

CRIN points out that, although coverage of the pandemic has understandably focused on its negative impacts, several welcome initiatives have also emerged. These can be seen in fields such as:

  • Education, which included both innovative solutions to ensure that children and young people could continue learning despite lack of internet access, and child-friendly resources on the pandemic;
  • Mental health, with the creation of child helplines and lists of activities and projects to entertain kids at home; and
  • Right to protest, with live streams and successful events despite not being able to meet in person.

Read more about these initiatives and how you can submit your own experiences here.