Together to #ENDviolence - Solution Summit Series

Date: 19th November 2020
Category: COVID-19, Equal protection from violence

4. Violence against children.jpg

Together to #ENDviolence is a global campaign aiming to catalyse the political and financial commitments needed to end violence against children by 2030.

According to End Violence Against Children, one billion children a year are affected by violence. Despite the global scale and national impact of violence against children, political attention is lacking, and financial resources are inadequate. As such, the campaign makes urgent calls for:

  • New political commitments to prioritise ending violence against children during COVID-19 and for post-COVID-19 policy and plans to build back better and safer for children.
  • A significant increase in global and national financial investments to end violence against children at home, online, at school and in communities.
  • Inclusivity and collaboration within government, across all sectors and with children themselves to scale up and implement evidence-based solutions and action plans.

Discover how End Violence Against Children intends to achieve the campaign’s objectives and to further its calls here.