Seeking justice for victims of childhood sexual abuse in religious institutions

Date: 12th November 2020
Category: Equal protection from violence


In a new blog, CRIN reflects on the developments of 2020 and how to secure justice for survivors of child sexual abuse in religious institutions. The blog focuses on Latin America with reference to other developments internationally.

The blog builds upon CRIN’s 2019 report on child sexual abuse in Latin America’s Catholic Church. It highlights the importance of having a national survivor-led network, political allies in government and an independent national inquiry to achieve redress for these crimes.

The post also considers the challenges brought about by the pandemic, such as increased isolation and reduced access to support networks, and argues that campaigning and awareness-raising are especially crucial at this moment in time. The pandemic, in fact, should be seen as an opportunity to improve online communication, and ensure that the network of activists and allies can grow beyond borders. CRIN highlights developments taking place internationally and how countries can learn from each other in supporting survivors and preventing future abuse.

  • Read the blog post here.