Call for young people’s stories

Date: 19th November 2020
Category: Mental health, COVID-19, Bullying, Inclusive education, Education, including vocational education, Refugee , migrant and asylum-seeking children


Scottish Youth Parliament is looking for young people to share their stories about the topics covered in its new manifesto – ‘From Scotland’s Young People’. By using these stories, the Scottish Youth Parliament hopes to strengthen the manifesto calls and demonstrate why certain changes are necessary.

The Scottish Youth Parliament is particularly interested in hearing from young people who have:

  • Received support for additional support needs in school, college or university.
  • Accessed mental health services at college or university.
  • Experienced LGBTQ+ bullying in school.
  • Gained, or are in the process of obtaining, legal recognition for their lived gender through a gender recognition certificate.
  • Experienced barriers to voting in Scottish elections as a refugee, asylum-seeker, or immigrant.
  • Experienced limited access to the internet or devices which has impacted online learning or working from home.
  • Found it challenging to find a job or have lost their job during the pandemic.

Young people are asked to email a brief summary of their story to and a staff member will get back in touch to discuss how best to share their experience.

The young person will then be supported to produce a blog or short video. Alternatively, a telephone interview will be set up. Anything published can be either anonymous or not depending on the young person’s preference.

Those who choose to share their story will be receive a £25 Amazon Voucher.

  • Find out more about the manifesto here.