Supporting children and families beyond COVID-19

Date: 12th October 2020
Category: Child poverty, Family Environment and Alternative Care


COVID-19 is a global health crisis with significant economic and social costs. This paper seeks to further the understanding of what this crisis means for children and their families in Southern and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The paper uncovers what governments and stakeholders should be doing to mitigate these costs and in doing so, this paper asks:

  • Through which mechanisms can COVID-19 affect children in the region?
  • What can we learn from previous crises about the potential effects on children and those who care for children?
  • How is vulnerability to poverty and child wellbeing likely to be affected?
  • Are initial government responses to the crisis likely to worsen or mitigate risks to children’s wellbeing?
  • How might future public policies be optimised in the short and medium term to protect child outcomes?

Read the paper here.