2021 National 5 exams cancelled

Date: 27th October 2020
Category: Education, including vocational education

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Education Secretary John Swinney announced that grades will instead be awarded on the basis of teacher judgement supported by assessment throughout the school year. Higher and Advanced Higher exams will go ahead as usual, but will start on 13th May 2020, two weeks later than planned.

The decision to cancel National 5 exams means there will be more space and time for Highers and Advanced Highers to take place under as normal as possible exam conditions. John Swinney added that a "contingency plan" was in place should Highers and Advanced Highers need to be called off, which could see grades again being awarded on teacher judgement.

To support the marking of National 5 students’ work, John Swinney affirmed that the Scottish Qualifications Authority would work with schools and colleges throughout the year, looking at work samples and giving feedback to teachers and lecturers.

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