Report on participation of children and young people during COVID-19

Date: 6th August 2020
Category: Respect for the views of the child

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The findings of a project examining the wellbeing and participation of children and young people in the crisis response to COVID-19 have been published by A Place in Childhood.

The research project was led by twenty-five children and young people across Scotland during the COVID-19 lockdown. As part of their #ScotYouthandCOVID project, A Place in Childhood self-funded the research project on the basis that children and young people have an Article 12 UNCRC right to participate in matters that affect them.

The project consisted of three collaborative online workshops which were led by the children involved. Key findings regarding children’s wellbeing include:

  • Remote learning has been difficult due to less support from teachers and peers, access to technology and excessive screen time.
  • Limited access to outdoor play and recreative activities has led to increased stress and boredom.
  • Many children are worried about the increasing stress on family resources.

To ensure better participation for children and young people in times of crisis in the future, the report makes the following recommendations:

  1. Develop a protocol for the early participation of groups of children and young people in emergency situations.
  2. Ensure measures are in place that do not unfairly disadvantage children and young people.
  3. Create a grounded contingency framework and principles for remote and blended learning which is informed by the experiences of lockdown to date.
  1. Develop appropriate and resonant resources and messaging around COVID-19 and following crises, with children and young people.

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