How are you doing? Survey results published

Date: 20th August 2020
Category: Disability, Basic Health and Welfare

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Results of Children’s Parliament’s monthly national wellbeing survey for children aged eight to 14 have been published. The results span from April to June 2020 and cover the following topics: learning, family and friends, health and wellbeing, access to information, expressing opinions and experiencing rights, worries and feeling good.

The results show more than one in five children did not agree they had plenty of energy during lockdown, while over a quarter did not agree they got enough exercise with around three in four saying computer games were helpful during lockdown. In addition, one in three children said they did not generally feel cheerful and in a good mood over the three months, and half of those asked said they were worried about how their family was doing.

The impact of COVID-19 on the health and wellbeing of children has led to the development of Children’s Parliament’s ‘Back to School’ resource, designed for teachers and other school staff to understand children’s experiences of lockdown and their wellbeing needs to support children’s recovery and wellbeing over the coming weeks and months.

  • Read the survey in full here.
  • Read more about the ‘Back to School’ resource here.