New report on a public health approach to ending childhood adversity

Date: 10th July 2020
Category: Child poverty


The report examines how a public health approach can be used to address the impacts of adverse childhood experiences though early interventions, which can help protect children from early adversity and build resilience.

Studies have found that childhood adversity such as emotional and physical abuse and neglect, exposure to domestic abuse, parental imprisonment and mental health issues, are associated with poorer health and social outcomes in adulthood.

The report calls for a public health approach to reduce childhood adversity in Scotland, including the following actions:

  • Address societal inequalities which give rise to risk factors of childhood adversity.
  • Strengthen economic support for families.
  • Take action to advocate for and address the social determinants of health by recognising the factors which create healthy development in children.
  • Invest in services which support families and protect children and young people from the impacts of adversity.
  • Develop and appropriately support trauma-informed services.

Read ‘Ending Childhood Adversity: A Public Health report’ here

The report provides an update to ‘Polishing the Diamonds–Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences in Scotland’, published in 2016. Read the earlier report here.