Keynote speech by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet

Date: 22nd July 2020

image of speech bubble

Michelle Bachelet spoke at Child Rights Connect’s 2020 General Assembly, where 45 regional, national and local child rights organisations from around the world gathered. Michelle Bachelet’s keynote speech touched upon the impact of COVID-19 on children and the importance of to advance a child rights-based and multi-sectoral response to the pandemic.

Engagement and participation were also highlighted as being imperative, as engagement of civil society can identify gaps in child protection; advocate better solutions on the ground; and support children and protect and promote their rights. Consulting with children, listening and incorporating their views is a critical element of building back better from COVID-19 and civil society plays a crucial role at supporting children through these processes. Michelle Bachelet stressed the importance that the lessons learned on protecting children’s rights in this pandemic are applied to other crises, including the climate crisis. 

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