Together joins Human Rights Consortium Scotland members to raise concerns about potential human rights breaches during pandemic

Date: 11th June 2020
Category: Disability, Basic Health and Welfare, Civil Rights and Freedoms, Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities


Thirty organisations have contributed their experience, insight, and analysis to form the Consortium’s submission to Scottish Parliament’s Equalities and Human Rights Committee Inquiry: Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Equalities and Human Rights.

The Consortium’s submission highlighted that in the coming weeks and months of recovery, Scottish Government and other public bodies must conduct equality and human rights impact assessments for all coronavirus-related policy, resource decisions and law. When conducting these assessments and making decisions, Scottish Government should include participation of those with lived experience drawing on their expertise of reality on the ground.

The Consortium’s submission included 24 urgent questions to MSP’s on topics ranging from reductions in government transparency, to unnecessary risk to the right to food; from reducing people’s say about their own lives, to teenagers being at increased risk of criminalisation.