Developing Scotland’s artificial intelligence strategy

Date: 25th June 2020
Category: Education, including vocational education, Recreation, play and cultural activities


Scotland’s AI Strategy wants to include children and young people’s visions of the use of artificial intelligence in Scotland and to create better awareness of what artificial intelligence is. To do this, it has created fun activity learning and quizzes, which upon completion YoungScot are offering 50 reward points.

These fun activity packs have been adapted to suit a range of ages and includes links to videos and resources talking about topics such as facial recognition and autonomous vehicles. Educators, parents, carers and students can all learn about the basics of artificial intelligence and to discover children and young people’s vision for artificial intelligence use in Scotland, Scotland’s AI Strategy encourages completed worksheets or photos of drawings produced to be uploaded.  These uploads will be used to shape the future of artificial intelligence use in Scotland. 

UNICEF and Human Rights Centre developed recommendations for stakeholders to implement, so they can better protect children from any negative consequences of artificial intelligence on children’s rights.

  • Read these recommendations here.
  • Discover the activity packs for a range of ages here
  • Take part in artificial intelligence quizzes here.