Scottish Youth Parliament holds virtual awards ceremony

Date: 1st May 2020


The annual Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) Awards recognise and celebrate the amazing work of Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs) and their Support Workers. This year in place of an event at the Scottish Parliament the award ceremony was held on Twitter.

The set up for this year’s Scottish Youth Parliament Awards ceremony may have been slightly different, but MSYPs were all encouraged to #StaySmilingInside by dressing up and making a mocktail for the occasion.

Tim Frew, Chief Executive of YouthLink Scotland, announced Amy Reynolds from North Lanarkshire being the winner of the Support Worker of the Year.

Team members of the Young Women’s Movement announced North Lanarkshire Youth Council (NLYC) the winner of The Donald MacLeod Award for Exceptional Teamwork. The NLYC team worked together to consult young people and respond to the local needs identified through their consultation responses.

Together’s Director, Juliet Harris, announced Rosie Sumsion MSYP from Helensburgh and Lomond the winner of the Local Hero award. Rosie is the chair of the Helensburgh and Lomond Youth Forum, she has also successfully led the Forum’s climate change project, sits on the local 'Plastic Free' steering group to represent young people and worked hard to gather local young people's views during SYP's 'Pack it Up, Pack it In' consultation. She also organised a right's respecting day for over 200 S1 pupils and played a vital role in facilitating SYP's UNCRC Discussion Day.

Former SYP Chair Suki Wan announced Erin Campbell MSYP as the winner of Achievement of the Year for her work to support young people’s mental health through their campaign Keep in Mind.

Communications expert Gareth Brown announced Wiktoria Orlicka MSYP as winner of Communicator of the Year. Wiktoria continues to play a fundamental role in SYP's Creative Communications Team and produces fantastic youth-friendly multimedia.

Louise Macdonald, Chief Executive of Young Scot, announced Jamie Byers MSYP as winner of the One to Watch category, as Jamie stepped up when a previous convenor stepped down, organised the groups, worked with the committee to develop action plans and take forward their work.

Bruce Adamson, the Children and Young People’s Commissioner, announced Sarah Quinn MSYP as the runner up to MSYP of the Year. For her work as a human rights defender, working tirelessly combatting poverty and inequality.

Finally, Maree Todd, Minister for Children and Young People, announced Bailey-Lee Robb MSYP as winner of MSYP of the Year. Bailey-Lee has been crucial at making Scotland an Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE)- aware nation in SYP’s 'Rights! The Missing Piece in Childhood Adversity' and has worked tirelessly to improve school meals for young people in Fife.

A huge congratulations from Together to all the winners!

  • To discover more about the Scottish Youth Parliament Awards, head over to Twitter with the hashtag #SYPAwards20. Alternatively, read more on the SYP website here.