‘No Happily Ever After’ – new report on child marriage

Date: 11th March 2020
Category: Civil Rights and Freedoms, Respect for the views of the child

4. Violence against children.jpg

The World Vision report raises up the voices of children and young people affected by the issue of child marriage in countries facing humanitarian crises and includes their calls to the UK Government.

More than 80 children from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Rohingya refugee camp, Cox’s Bazar (Bangladesh), Niger and the UK - girls and boys -13 to 18 years, who were part of this research are together calling on the UK Government and countries hit by humanitarian crisis to work together to end child marriage.  It also draws on the voices of children and young people who have not experienced child marriage but who want to stand with their peers who have.

Afrina (girl,16 years, Bangladesh) emphasises: “If children are aware, united and determined, we can easily protect our society from child marriage by involving adults, communities and by implementing law."

"We need to change people’s personal views, people are becoming blind to child marriage and see it as a norm" (Toby, boy, 16, UK)

The research is part of World Vision’s ‘It Takes a World to end violence against children’ campaign. For the campaign, World Vision developed an digital advocacy tool for the UK public to write to their MP and to demand the UK government do more to end violence against children.