Scottish Government’s progress report on the actions agreed at the Cabinet meeting with children and young people

Date: 12th February 2020
Category: General principles, Respect for the views of the child


The report covers the main areas of progress on the 18 actions agreed during the third annual meeting of Cabinet members and children and young people on 5th March 2019.

The agreed actions included:

  • listening to children and young people’s views and taking account of their views;
  • UNCRC incorporation into Scots law;
  • resourcing for participation of children and young people;
  • awareness raising on children’s rights across all age groups;
  • considering children’s involvement in teachers training;
  • preservation of instrumental music tuition;
  • prevention, appropriate interventions and recording of incidents of bullying;
  • awareness raising around the impact of childhood adversity, and supporting children and young people to cope with challenges and adversity;
  • consider the legislative competence of banning the use of mosquito devices;
  • making the school day free or affordable for children and young people;
  • consider extending the discounts on public transport (currently available to those aged 16-18) to those under the age of 26.

In their feedback to the report Members of the Children’s Parliament and Scottish Youth Parliament emphasise that they are happy to see action around the issues that were raised, particularly the government’s commitment to incorporating the UNCRC into Scots law.

Members of the Children’s Parliament note that they had to raise certain issues in more than one meeting, such as involving children in teacher training and the removal of social work badges in schools, as well as that “on some issues, the children would like to see the government explaining their actions and the results - rather than saying that they are considering an issue.”

Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament noted that further efforts are needed to ensure children and young people have a "seat at the table" on all matters affecting them, including poverty and mental health.  The next Cabinet Meeting with children and young people is due to take place on the 3rd March 2020.