Report on preventing and responding to harmful sexual behaviour involving children and young people

Date: 12th February 2020
Category: Disability, Basic Health and Welfare, Equal protection from violence

4. Violence against children.jpg

This report sets out proposals from the Expert Group on Preventing Sexual Offending Involving Children and Young People to improve prevention and early intervention in response to harmful sexual behaviour (HSB).

The report discusses:

  • evidence relating to occurrences of harmful sexual behaviours by children and young people which harm other children and young people;
  • the current responses; and
  • potential further actions that the Expert Group considers would lead to better prevent and respond to such behaviours.

The Expert Group has also pointed out areas that require further research and analysis to provide effective preventative measures and responses around new types of behaviours involving use of the internet.

The Expert Group was established by the Cabinet Secretary for Justice and the Solicitor General bringing together expertise, from across child protection, education, health, justice, and service providers in the third sector.