New report on child poverty in Europe

Date: 10th December 2019
Category: Child poverty


The report - Protecting the Child from Poverty: The Role of Rights in the Council of Europe - centres on the role of child rights in addressing child poverty in the Council of Europe (COE).

In focusing on the child poverty-related provisions of the European Social Charter 1961 and the Revised Charter of 1996, the report outlines how those instruments constitute a framework for assessing and critiquing measures taken to combat child poverty.

It covers a range of topics structured in the following chapters:

  • Child Poverty in Europe and Human Rights: An Overview
  • Key Council of Europe Monitoring Mechanisms from a Child Rights and Child Poverty Perspective
  • Child Poverty and the European Social Charter
  • Addressing Child Poverty in a European Social Charter-compliant Way
  • Conclusion: The Role of the COE in Advancing Child Rights-compliant Anti-Poverty Practice

The report draws several important conclusions, including that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ best practice model for or addressing child poverty in a Charter-consistent way as the efficacy of state efforts inevitably depends on a wide range of factors including political willingness, the availability of resources and national capacity.

The report also calls for concerted, integrated action at both the domestic and regional European level and points out that there is a crucial role for different COE entities in addressing child poverty.