British Academy publishes work from UK childhood policy project

Date: 10th December 2019


The project aims to chart the history of childhood policy in the UK, and its four constituent nations. The publications draw on the expertise of the researchers and Fellows of the British Academy, with a view to opening a conversation on this area of public policy.

The publications are of the result of the first phase of the childhood project and include:

  • Policy chronologies, charting the major policy initiatives on childhood from the 19th century to today;
  • Four UK nation-specific case studies, highlighting the differences in approach to policies relating to children in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, particularly in relation to children’s rights;
  • A paper exploring in detail key policy milestones such as The Gillick Case (1985) and Every Child Matters (2003);
  • In-depth case studies on children leaving care and childhood poverty, and the different approaches and impact across the four UK nations;
  • The first of a series of provocation papers, in which Professor Tom Shakespeare FBA discusses the rights of disabled children.

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