Conference report: Brexit, Devolution and Civil Society

Date: 19th November 2019


This report provides a summary of the major concerns and opportunities around Brexit raised and discussed by UK civil society organisations during a conference in Belfast in May 2019. 

Some of the issues addressed include:

  • the Brexit process is impacting the UK communities - no matter what happens with Brexit, these impacts need to be addressed
  • many across civil society feel left out of Brexit debate and developments, with few opportunities to raise their voice
  • devolution has led to many organisations being more used to influencing at devolved level, but Brexit needs UK and EU influencing too
  • there is benefit and need for civil society across the UK to work together
  • there are significant concerns around protecting rights and equality if the UK leaves the EU, not least across the Irish border.

The report is hoped to be a useful resource for policy makers and civil society stakeholders and help them inform their future work around Brexit developments.