UNICEF publishes a discussion paper on Children’s Rights and Online Gaming

Date: 7th October 2019
Category: Disability, Basic Health and Welfare, Equal protection from violence, Protection of privacy, Children in situations of exploitation, Non-discrimination


The paper, drawing from desk research and stakeholder consultations, is a first attempt to apply a child rights framework to improve the online gaming environment for children.

The paper is aimed specifically at online gaming companies and discusses how various children’s rights may be impacted by online gaming, including:  

  • the right to play and freedom of expression
  • non-discrimination, participation and protection from abuse
  • the right to privacy and freedom from economic exploitation

It also highlights companies’ good practices that mitigate some of the risks, making gaming a more positive and safer experience for children. However, it is noted that a holistic approach to protecting children and children’s rights is still lacking.

The discussion paper outlines initial recommendations for various sectors of the gaming industry, including game developers, publishers, distributors and gaming experience providers.

It is co-authored by Daniel Kardefelt-Winther, UNICEF Innocenti’s expert on digital technology and child rights and UNICEF’s Child Rights and Business Unit.