Together to take part in conference on incorporating international human rights in Scots law

Date: 29th October 2019
Category: Incorporation


The event, hosted by Human Rights Consortium Scotland, will be held on 19th November 2019, at Edinburgh University.

The participants will have an opportunity to gain insight on where things are in the broader incorporation discussion, as well as explore some key questions, including:

  • what does incorporation mean?
  • why is incorporation of UN rights important?
  • what does incorporation look like generally across different rights (best practice)?
  • what could/should this look like in Scotland?
  • what training or information does civil society need around incorporation of UN rights?

The event will include input from: Juliet Harris, Director of Together, Dr Kasey McCall-Smith, senior lecturer in public international law, University of Edinburgh; Naomi McAuliffe, Programme Director of Amnesty International in Scotland; Veronica Luhtanen and Sofie Quist, research assistants at University of Edinburgh.