Children and Young People’s Wellbeing Report 2019

Date: 29th October 2019
Category: Disability, Basic Health and Welfare

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The report evaluates wellbeing in children and young people in England, including wellbeing statistics, wider indicators on children and young people’s happiness with their relationships, self-reported health and experiences with school and an in-depth analysis of psychological wellbeing in teenage girls.

Some of the main findings, compiled both from new analysis and a collation of existing data, include:

  • the majority of children and young people report being relatively happy with their lives
  • wellbeing declines as children and young people get older
  • there were few consistent differences in wellbeing by gender in children, with young females more likely to report recently feeling anxious than males
  • there were no discernible differences in children’s wellbeing based on their ethnicity
  • experiences of being bullied, including online bullying, was the risk factor most strongly associated with psychological health throughout mid to late adolescence.
  • seeing friends and getting enough sleep were consistent protective factors for positive psychological health across adolescence
  • social media use did not have a strong association with teenage girls’ psychological health

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