Together backs call for incorporation of right to food

Date: 14th August 2019
Category: Disability, Basic Health and Welfare


Together joined over 70 charities, academics and UN Special Rapporteur, Hilal Elver, in a joint letter calling for the right to food to be enshrined in Scots law before the end of this parliamentary term.

The letter, coordinated by the Scottish Food Coalition, highlights deep-rooted problems in Scotland’s food system, such as increasing inequality in childhood obesity, food insecurity and growing reliance on food banks. The letter says that these multiple challenges show that our food system requires transformative change to be fit for purpose, with the right to food incorporated into Scots law as part of a Good Food Nation bill:

“Enshrining the right to food in Scots law supports the Government’s commitment to strengthening human rights in Scotland. It also brings together issues of dignified access, land use, health and sustainability, with strong connections to the Sustainable Development Goals and the National Performance Framework.

We believe the Good Food Nation bill is necessary to tackle our food system challenges; will be effective in underpinning long-term policy ambition; and will be well-received by the public as well as by many food and farming stakeholders.

We ask you to bring forward the Good Food Nation bill within this Parliament.”

The Scottish Food Coalition has since launched a parliamentary petition calling for the right to food to be incorporated.