New report on the UNCRC’s Individual Communications Procedure

Date: 26th August 2019
Category: Optional protocol on a communications procedure


Child Rights Connect has published a report setting out key findings following a roundtable event titled: “Towards a better implementation of the UNCRC through its Third Optional Protocol on a Communications Procedure”. 

What is the Third Optional Protocol?

If an individual’s rights under the UNCRC are breached, they can only submit a complaint to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child if their country has signed up to the Third Optional Protocol to the Convention (‘OP3’ or ‘OPIC’). The UK (including Scotland) has not yet signed up to this protocol.

Findings of the report

The report sets out the challenges experienced by key stakeholders around countries ratifying the Protocol, as well as different experiences of its implementation, and various strategies for promotion of its universal ratification.

The key findings, alongside with recommendations are presented in three sections:

  • Ratification experiences and challenges
  • National implementation of child rights through the OPIC
  • Strategies for the promotion of the universal ratification of the OPIC

It is hoped the report will serve as a valuable resource for anyone working on advancing child rights through the Optional Protocol.