The 2018 Day of General Discussion (DGD) outcome report is adopted!

Date: 14th June 2019
Category: General measures of implementation, Disability, Basic Health and Welfare, Civil Rights and Freedoms, Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities, Reporting to and monitoring the UNCRC


The 2018 DGD outcome report is adopted! We are delighted to announce that the CRC Committee has adopted the 2018 DGD outcome report on Protecting and Empowering Children as Human Rights Defenders!

The report includes the detailed findings of the plenary and workshop discussions, and highlights the main recommendations endorsed by the Committee with the goal of providing guidance to States parties as primary duty bearers and to other relevant stakeholders, such as national human rights institutions, the Committee and the UN, civil society, media, the private sector and adults, to strengthen the protection and the empowerment of child human rights defenders.

The report will form part of the Committee’s 2019 report to the UN General Assembly, and a child-friendly version will be produced together with our Children’s Advisory Team 2019 to facilitate its accessibility and dissemination.

Read and share the report here