UK ranks 170th out of 181 countries on the KidsRights Index 2019

Date: 16th May 2019
Category: General principles, Incorporation, Awareness-raising


The KidsRights Index is the annual global index published by the KidsRights Foundation which charts how countries adhere to and are equipped to improve children’s rights.

The 2019 edition of the index has ranked the United Kingdom as 170th out of the 181 countries listed. This low ranking is as a result of poor performance in the area of having an ‘Enabling Environment for Childrens’ Rights.’ This area looks at a country’s performance in upholding the following aspects of children’s rights:

  • Non-discrimination
  • Best interests of the child
  • Respect for the views of the child/child participation
  • Enabling legislation
  • Best available budget for children’s rights
  • Collection and analysis of disaggregate data on rights
  • State-civil society cooperation for children’s rights

The KidsRight index found that the UK performed poorly in this area in proportion to the available resources with the report stating: “This doesn’t mean that children in the United Kingdom are necessarily worse off than children living in countries ranking above the United Kingdom. It does mean that the United Kingdom should invest more in children’s rights, in line with the resources it has available.”

Read the full report here.