Children’s Health and Wellbeing – Horizon Scanning Review

Date: 17th April 2019
Category: Disability, Basic Health and Welfare, Health and health services, Right to life, survival and development


Key societal shifts are expected in demography, the labour market, economic inclusion, education, technology and social patterns in the next decade. These are likely to affect children and young people’s health and wellbeing in a variety of ways.

Scotland’s population is ageing and this is expected to stretch resources and increase pressure across services, particularly in health and social care. This is likely to have a knock on effect for children and young people’s services, which could in turn impact the health and wellbeing of children and young people in Scotland.

This report from Scottish Government summarises the predicted societal trends and shifts that will likely shape the lives of children and young people in Scotland over the next decade, and provide the context in which any future policy planning will be situated. The report is based on conclusions from a number of UK horizon scanning documents, supplemented by data on current trends and projections.

Read the report here.