2018 Eurochild Report on the European Semester

Date: 30th April 2019
Category: Child poverty, Disability, Basic Health and Welfare

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Eurochild launched its assessment of the first European Semester since the Proclamation of the European Pillar of Social Rights (November 2017). With the ‘social dimension’ being more visible in this cycle, the European Commission flags child poverty in more than 75% of the Country Reports of EU Member States. Only one country (Spain) received a recommendation to address family income, which only addresses one of the many reasons for child poverty.

The 2018 Eurochild report on the European Semester offers its own alternatives to the country specific recommendations in light of assessments by Eurochild members. The report is based on assessments provided by 23 Eurochild members in 18 countries.  Together they have come up with three overall recommendations: 

  1. Put social goals on a par with the economy and employment
  2. Make children an explicit and priority focus of the Semester
  3. Make the Semester process more transparent and inclusive

Read the full report here