Briefing papers on the incorporation of human rights in Wales

Date: 28th February 2019
Category: Civil Rights and Freedoms, General measures of implementation


Associate Professor at Swansea University, Dr Simon Hoffman, and member of Together's Incorporation Advisory Group, has published three briefing papers on the incorporation of human rights in Wales. Dr. Hoffman contends that human rights have been agreed by the community of nations, the United Nations, as basic entitlements which should be available to everyone. This sets the tone for the first briefing, Incorporation of International Human Rights, which discusses how human rights may be incorporated, and demonstrated and why this should be the objective in Wales.

The second briefing, Human Rights: Accountability and Enforcement outlines how accountability and enforcement of human rights may be strengthened through incorporation. It focuses on socio-economic rights as these are the human rights that most often correspond with devolved competences, i.e. in areas such as housing, health care, social care and social provision, and education.

The third briefing discusses existing legal frameworks in Wales on equality and well-being, and their relationship with human rights. It shows how equality, wellbeing and human rights have lots in common, but also demonstrates how they differ, and why it is important to recognise this in public policy.
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