Consultation - Mental health support for young people in Scotland

Date: 16th November 2018
Category: Mental health


Closing Date: 14th December 2018

Scottish Government is inviting young people, parents and carers, and professionals to share their views on how to improve the ways that young people experiencing mental health difficulties can get advice and support at the right time. 

Following consideration of public petition PE1627  on consent for mental health treatment for people under 18 years of age, the Public Petitions Committee has agreed to hold an inquiry into how young people access mental health services and treatments in Scotland

Whilst the inquiry is open to professionals, parents and carers, the Committee is especially keen to hear from people under the age of 18 who are trying to seek help for the first time.  

For this inquiry, the Scottish Government is using Dialogue, their online tool to help generate new ideas in response to specific challenges facing Scotland today. Participants can get involved in discussions and debates by submitting ideas or reading, rating and commenting on those submitted by others.

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