Scottish Youth Parliament launches Brexit Advocacy Toolkit

Date: 10th July 2018
Category: Respect for the views of the child

Boy - 4

The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) has launched a Brexit Advocacy Toolkit to assist MSYPs and other young people to have their voices heard in the Brexit process.

The Toolkit has been produced by SYP's External Affairs, UK and International Committee. It has two main parts. Firstly, it provides a snapshot of young people's views on Brexit. These were drawn from the findings of SYP's Brexit consultation in October 2017. The consultation highlighted young people's concerns around Brexit, raising issues such as human rights protection, EU funding, the economic impact of Brexit, and opportunities to work and travel in the EU. However, the consultation also identified areas where some young people thought new opportunities may arise as a result of Brexit.

The second element of the Toolkit provides young people with guidance on how to contact decision-makers to have their voices heard. It provides suggestions for the type of questions that they could ask, as well as providing template letters for sending to politicians and relevant organisations.