Council of Europe adopts recommendation on children’s rights in the digital environment

Date: 25th July 2018
Category: Other human rights treaties and mechanisms


A new recommendation has been adopted by the Council of Europe which sets out guidelines on how the rights of children can be better respected, protected and fulfilled in the digital environment.

The guidelines build on pre-existing international and European legal instruments provide a framework for action by European governments. This includes reviewing legislation, policies and practice to ensure that these adequately address the full range of the rights of the child. The guidelines also urge States to make sure that businesses and other key partners meet their human rights responsibilities and are held accountable.

Areas covered in the guidelines include:

  • Ensuring children have adequate, affordable and secure access to devices;
  • The right of the child to hold and express their views;
  • The right of the child to privacy and protection;
  • Strengthening digital literacy.
  • Read more and access the guidelines here.