Views and experiences of LGBT young people in Scotland highlighted in new report

Date: 23rd May 2018
Category: Non-discrimination

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A new report detailing the views and experiences of over 680 LGBT young people in Scotland on issues such as mental health, discrimination, and education has been published by LGBT Youth Scotland.

The report, entitled 'Life in Scotland for LGBT Young People', provides an analysis of LGBT Youth's 2017 survey for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people aged between 13 and 25. The survey received 684 responses, nearly double the response rate of the previous survey which was undertaken in 2012.

Key findings of the report include:

  • The percentage of LGBT young people who think Scotland is a good place to live has risen from 57% in 2007 to 81% in 2017;
  • 79% of LGBT young people said homophobia was still a problem for Scotland and 85% said transphobia was a problem;
  • 71% of LGBT young people experienced bullying in school on the groups of being LGBT - a rise from 60% in 2007;
  • Just over a third of LGBT young people said that they had experienced a hate crime or incident in the past year;
  • 84% of LGBT young people and 96% of transgender young people indicated that they had experienced mental health problems and associated behaviours.

  • Read the full report here.