Together launches their #RightsResolution campaign!

Date: 15th January 2018
Category: Scotland-specific monitoring and reporting

Following the publication of our State of Children's Rights report 2017, Together is launching their #RightsResolution campaign and we need your support!

The campaign will run from Monday 15th January until Friday 19th January and asks all those working for public bodies across education, health, social work, transport, the environment, planning (and beyond!) to make a commitment to further children and young people's rights in 2018.

We're asking Together members and other organisations to join us in asking public bodies to make a #RightsResolution for 2018. Please get in touch with all those you work with across public bodies to ask them to make a #RightsResolution and share it with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

State of Children's Rights report 2017

In December, Together launched the State of Children's Rights report 2017 which sets out promising rights-based practice taken by Scotland's public bodies. Many of the case studies have been put forward by Together's members to illustrate how a rights-based approach can make a significant difference to children and young people's lives and improve the quality and effectiveness of public services. This is particularly relevant as public bodies are now under a duty to report every three years on the steps they have taken to further children's rights through the Children & Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. The report should act as inspiration and encouragement to public bodies to illustrate how children and young people's rights can be embedded into policy and practice, ahead of the publication of the public bodies children's rights reports in 2020.

This is where our #RightsResolution campaign comes in!

Together is asking public bodies to Tweet the commitments they intend to make in 2018, inspired by the examples given in our report and using #RightsResolution. We would like to see local authorities, health boards, local councillors, schools, the police, social work and more to pledge their #Rights Resolution for 2018. The campaign will also be supported by the Scottish Youth Parliament and MSYPs will be meeting with their local elected members to encourage them to get involved in the campaign.

What can you do?

You can support the campaign by Tweeting the commitments they would like to see public bodies make to children and young people's rights using the #RightsResolution banner. These can be based on examples of good practice that are highlighted in the State of Children's Rights report, or could be any other examples that you would like to highlight!

We'll be retweeting our favourite #RightsResolutions on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and will also be Tweeting our own so make sure you follow @together_sacr.