SCRA publish report for young people on Corporate Parenting

Date: 31st January 2018
Category: Care Experienced children

SCRA has released a report aimed at young people which highlights some of the progress made since publishing its Corporate Parenting Plan last year.

In the original Plan, SCRA outlined six Corporate Parenting commitments which were:

  • We will do our best to meet your needs and promote your rights
  • We will work with young people to help get things rights
  • You are the most important person in your hearing and we will do all we can to make you feel it
  • We will give you as much time and good information as we can
  • Our Hearing Centres will be safe, comfortable, and friendly
  • We will work with other Corporate Parents to make sure we are all doing our best for you

This year's report details progress that has been made against each commitment and what SCRA has done to promote the rights of young people since the Plan's publication. The report is written in young person-friendly language.