New report published on the use of the UNCRC in court

Date: 31st January 2018
Category: Other human rights treaties and mechanisms

CRIN has released a new report which analyses the use of the CRC in courts around the world to challenge abuses of children's rights.

The report, entitled 'Realising Rights? THE UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Court', makes use of CRIN's 'CRC in Court case law' database which was launched in 2009 to highlight important court decisions that quote and discuss the Convention. It addresses the use of the Convention in general and features more detailed analysis of three of the most cited rights under the Convention. The report discusses the divergent ways the rights of the Convention have been applied and interpreted across the world.

The purpose of CRIN's report and database is to provide a tool to support and inspire children's rights advocates to challenge the violations of children's rights that persist globally. CRIN hopes that the development of these resources means lawyers and other professionals working in children's rights can use the examples included in them to progress their own litigation.